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2004-07-30 14:31:19

-Use your car as a receiver. Tune the radio in your car to 97.7 FM at maximum volume. Transmit from a nearby proximity (such as a café, a tree, a park bench…) where you can see your radio listeners. Speak to this specific public about what you want. 

-Drive in your car on the streets or highways of your city, have a sticker announcing that you are transmitting from 97.7 FM. Your radio public will be the cars around you. Organize an event of hundreds of cars transmitting at the same time throughout the city, region, or state (or even a cross country-event!!!)

-Organize a small fleet of cars to be planted in major traffic routes where there is always a traffic jam, with stickers announcing that they are transmitting from 97.7 FM. Have them transmit during rush hour.  The cars can coordinate their programming with each other or they can have different programs. Have a call-in number where people in the surrounding cars can call in, etc…

-Organize a street event one week before the elections- park a series cars 200 feet apart from each other in the avenue that leads to the State House/City Hall of Minneapolis, or your neighborhood voting site. Turn each car into a Radio Station with special programming relating to the elections…making a radio voting path.

-Turn 100 micro transmitters/radios into a Power Station by having a micro-cast relayed over a network of micro-radios which cumulatively achieve a coverage of 50 miles or more, from one city to another.

-Set up a radio receiver outside your house and rap from your apartment, bedroom, kitchen, living room, or bathroom. Coordinate with friends and neighbors and turn the transmission event into a block party.

-Organize an alternative concert series to be transmittied via micro-radio. 

-Become a Micro-journalist! Chose a subject and conduct street interviews transmitted live or recorded to be transmitted later. Be tactical in your selection of site, timing and public to interview and transmit, or create alternative news reports.

-Turn the billboards of the city into a series of interactive billboards[/b] equipped with micro-radio transmitters/or receivers.  Subvert, change, or redirect the message.

-Use your radio to transmit book readings in different urban settings. People can tune in and listen to stories in different parts of the city, such as Mark Twain on the Mississippi.  Animate the city with different stories (they can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, you name it.) Perhaps they have a specific connection with the place from which they are transmitted.

-Micro-cast at sundown, from building rooftops, grain silos, parks, and other good sites to see the summer sky, a program for star-gazers.

-Tune in radios to 97.7 in stores, offices, homes, and any other places where there are radios, for a coordinated transmission throughout the two cities or as a of micro-event.

-Set up a series of radio transmitters and receivers along Lake Street. Make a new kind of connection between Minneapolis and St. Paul through the airwaves.

-Grab a chair and choose a street in the city.   Sit down with your radio and transmit from there. Bring with you a sign announcing that you are on the air, transmitting from 97.7FM.

-Tune all the radios in the Mall of the America shops to 97.7 FM and transmit from the mall or parking lot.

Find your own uses for your radio transmitter and share them with others on the Radio Revolt. Post your ideas here!

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