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2004-07-30 16:46:49
Microradio Resources on the Internet

Thanks to John Anderson of DIYmedia for help with compiling this list.  Visit http://diymedia.net for up to date news about the Microradio movement, news archives, and thousands of additional useful links not listed here.  If you do not have access to the internet at home, try visiting your local library for access.

Do-It-Yourself Radio

Setting up a Station:

First Steps in Radio
A beautifully-designed and very comprehensive technical primer into FM broadcasting. The closest thing to a "field manual" that exists - WELL worth the download. MAD props to Justin Disruption for all the hard work.

Beginner's Guide to Low Power Broadcasting
One of the best guides to getting on the air ever written.

Micropower Broadcasting - A Technical Primer
http://diymedia.net/stuff/micropower_pr ... rsion.pdf
Stephen Dunifer (Free Radio Berkeley)'s updated edition, circa 2003.

Rogue Radio: Creative Concepts for Funding your Micro Radio Station
A wonderful primer into station fundraising.   

Part 15 Low Power Communications: The little known part of Amateur Radio
Good synopsis of which bands are most conducive to broadcasting and what power/antenna combinations are acceptable; hopes to build into a "one stop shop" for Part 15 enthusiasts

Neuros Audio
NeuroCast allows you to broadcast the music on your Neuros through any FM radio. Like the one in your car. Or your kitchen. Or your coworker's boombox. NeuroCast automatically scans the FM radio dial for an available frequency and broadcasts using all digital stereo encoding, just like broadcast towers used by professional radio stations.

The Basic Soldering & Desoldering Guide
The better you master the technique, the easier it becomes to build your own radio gear.

Producing Your Own Radio Content:

"Transom.org is an experiment in channeling new work and voices to public radio through the Internet, for discussing that work, and encouraging more." Be sure to check out the tools section at: http://www.transom.org/tools/index.html

Radio College
"Radio College exists to offer insight and inspiration to producers at every stage of their careers." Be sure to check out the training guides section at: http://www.radiocollege.org/lc/training/index.php

KFAI – Fresh Air Radio
http://www.kfai.org/members/vol.htm : 612-341-3144 ext. 22
Volunteering at KFAI, Fresh Air Community Radio in the Twin Cities, is a great way to learn the ropes of producing content for radio.  Also consider producing a program for their listener produced program, details at: http://www.kfai.org/programs/wave_prj.htm

National Youth in Radio Training Project
http://www.nfcb.org/projects/nyrtp/yout ... manual.jsp
A project of the National Federation of Community Broadcasters (NFCB). Youth manual at: http://www.nfcb.org/projects/nyrtp/yout ... manual.jsp

Radio MCAD
Radio MCAD is a web-based radio station. You can listen to it using any MP3 player like iTunes or Winamp. It broadcasts in the evening hours, every day of the week, generally between 5:00PM and 1:00AM. It is fully driven by students at Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

free103point9 is a nonprofit media arts organization focused on establishing and cultivating the genre Transmission Arts by promoting artists who explore ideas around transmission as a medium for creative expression. These investigations include practices in AM and FM radio, Citizen's Band, walkie-talkie, generative sound, and other broad and microcasting technologies utilizing the transmission spectrum. free103point9 serves diverse public audiences through programs including an online radio station, a distribution label, a performance/exhibition/transmission series, a preservation program, an education initiative, and a forthcoming artist-in-residency program.

Teen Reporters Handbook
A project of Radio Diaries.  Radio Diaries is an organization "committed to producing a new kind of oral history. Our mission is to find extraordinary stories in ordinary places."

A-Infos Radio Project
"The A-Infos Radio Project was formed in 1996 by grassroots broadcasters, free radio journalists and cyber-activists to provide ourselves with the means to share our radio programs via the Internet."

Unlicensed Microradio Stations

The following list is not comprehensive, and is only meant to serve as a sampling of some stations of note from the past and present.

Free Radio Twin Citieshttp://www.citypages.com/bestof2001/art ... of1489.asp

Beat Radio, Minneapolis: http://www.beatworld.com

Ballot Box Radio, Minneapolis:
http://www.citypages.com/databank/18/88 ... le2089.asp

2000 Flushes Radio, Minneapolis:
http://lists.indymedia.org/pipermail/im ... 00325.html

Human Rights Radio, Springfield Ill:

Free Radio Berkeley: http://www.freeradio.org

Radio Free Brattleboro, Brattleboro Vermont: http://www.rfb.fm

Freak Radio Santa Cruz: http://www.freakradio.org

KBFR: Boulder Free Radio, Boulder Colorado: http://www.kbfr.org

KIND Radio, San Marcos Texas: http://www.radio4all.org/news/usatoday_onmicro.html

Free Radio Austin, Austin Texas: http://www.austinchronicle.com/issues/d ... ature.html (note: this link also contains info on KIND radio)

Steal this Radio, Lower East Side NYC: http://www.gargoylemechanique.com/str

San Francisco Liberation Radio: http://www.liberationradio.net

Radio Mutiny, Philadelphia:  http://www.radiodiversity.com/radiomutiny.html

Community Radio Stations

The following list is not comprehensive, and is only meant to serve as a sampling of some stations of note.

KFAI, Fresh Air Radio, Minneapolis: http://kfai.org

WTIP, North Shore Radio, Grand Marais Minnesota: http://wtip.org

KPOO, Poor People’s Radio, San Francisco http://kpoo.com

WORT, Back Porch Radio, Madison Wisconsin: http://wort-fm.org

KBOO, Portland Oregon: http://kboo.org

KZMU, Moab Community Radio, Moab Utah: http://kzmu.org

WERU, Blue Hill Maine: http://weru.org

WMMT, Mountain Community Radio, Whitesburg Kentucky: http://www.appalshop.org/wmmt

WMNF, Tampa Bay Florida: http://wmnf.org

WPSI, New York City: http://www.wps1.org

KGNU, Boulder Colorado: http://kgnu.org

Pacifica Radio (KPFA, WBAI, KPFK, KPFT, WPFW): http://www.pacifica.org/stations

Low Power FM (LPFM)

History of LPFM
Comprehensive history of the creation of the LPFM service up till 2001.  For updates post 2001, visit the DIYmedia feature archives at http://www.diymedia.net/feature/lpfm) and up to date news at http://www.diymedia.net

Prometheus Radio Project
Leader and supporter of fledgling LPFM stations nationwide. Contains information on how to support the expansion of the LPFM service.

Reclaim Radio
The LPFM advocacy page provided by Free Press. "Free Press is a national nonpartisan organization working to increase informed public participation in crucial media policy debates…"

Americans for Radio Diversity (ARD)
This Minneapolis Based LPFM advocate is no longer active and their web site not updated anymore, but it is a good source for archives of historical information on the topic.

LPFM Radio Service
The FCC LPFM home page.

Low Power Radio
The Media Access Project’s LPFM resource center.

REC Networks
REC Networks LPFM info page.  Includes a handy open frequency search tool.

LPFM resources provided by the National Federation of Community Broadcasters (NFCB).

Media Reform and Activism

Prometheus Radio Project
Leader and supporter of fledgling LPFM stations nationwide.

Widely-known gathering place where anyone is a journalist through open publishing; incubator of several innovative DIY-media projects.

Reclaim the Media
Major information nexus in the slowly-growing fight for media democracy.

Media Alliance
Training and resources to empower media workers as well as media education and training for interested activists.

Media Access Project
"A non-profit, public interest law firm which promotes the public's First Amendment right to hear and be heard on the electronic media of today and tomorrow."

Community of unlicensed, but legal, broadcasters sharing tips and tricks for making the most of micro-wattage.

Media Analysis Criticism

Clearinghouse for thousands of media issues groups around the globe.

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR)
Progressive media watchdog meticulously documents the misuse of
corporate and government influence in the media.

Home of thoughtful analysis of all things media, with a penchant for empowering people to speak for themselves.

Take Back the Media!
Progressive-leaning web site is a deep resource of information on
corporate control of the media.

Corporate Media Portal
"A repository of information about Corporatized Media."

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