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2004-07-30 14:15:28
What are airwaves or spectrum?

Transmission frequencies used by wireless media and devices such as satellites, cell phones and, of course, TV and radio. It is also known as Spectrum as different mediums use different frequencies to avoid interference with each other. The proliferation and continuing inventions of new wireless devices mean that our airwaves or spectrum have grown extremely crowded.

Airwaves are a public domain in theory, but in actuality, highly regulated. They are licensed free of charge to TV and radio broadcasters, many of whom use them for profit-making and in return, they are "supposed to serve the ‘public interest’" in return. 
The bottom line is that spectrum is just as much a national resource as our Nation’s forests. That means it belongs to every American equally. No more, no less. If someone wants to use our resources, then we should be fairly compensated. --Former Senator Bob Dole.

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2004-12-07 21:21:06
Frequencies are free open spaces and they belong to you and me. What's next, paying a wind tax for using a windmill? Believe it or not, it's been tried before.
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